The Energy and Propulsion Laboratory at LSU

Our research is focused on energy with a particular focus on combustion and fuels based applications. The driving interest is to develop fundamental knowledge that can improve the design, operation, efficiency, and emissions from practical combustion based devices including engines (internal combustion, gas turbine, ramjet/scramjet, rocket) and industrial burners. Our research tends to focus on multiphase flows occurring in these devices involving combinations of liquid, gas, and solid phases.  

Research Paths


Experimental approaches include: (a) Use of scaled experimental setups to investigate mixing, flow, chemical kinetic, and heat transfer processes at conditions relevant to practical combustion based devices. (b) Application of non-intrusive laser diagnostic approaches to make quantitative measurements. (c) Implementation of novel visualization approaches to obtain qualitative information of relevant physical processes.


Analytical approaches and low order modeling of various physical and chemical processes of relevance to topics of research interest are the preferred tool to correlate experimental results and obtain fundamental insight.

Research Sponsors:

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