Lab Alumni

photo of lizzi bonczekLizzi Bonczek

Ph.D. 2022

Dissertation: Breeding ecology of mottled ducks in southwest Louisiana

Lizzi Bonczek dissertation

Currently working for the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management


Photo of Catrina TerryCatrina Terry

M.S. 2021

Thesis: Brood abundance and invertebrate availability in crop-dominated landscapes in the Prairie Pothole Region

Catrina Terry Thesis

Currently working as a biologist for Ducks Unlimited, Inc.




Photo of Jacob Bushaw

Jacob Bushaw

M.S. - 2020

Thesis: Applications of unmanned aerial vehicles for conducting mesocarnivore and breeding waterfowl surveys in southern Manitoba

Jacob Bushaw Thesis

Currently working as the R3 Coordinator for Delta Waterfowl Foundation.


Photo of Cassandra Skaggs

Cassandra Skaggs

M.S. - 2019

Thesis: Effects of oil and gas development on waterfowl nesting ecology in the Bakken formation of North Dakota

Cassandra Skaggs Thesis  

Currently working as a refuge manager for USFWS in Illinois.

Photo of Clay StroudClay Stroud

M.S. - 2018

Thesis: Relating diets and food availability to long-term population trends of Lesser Scaup wintering on Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana

Clay Stroud Thesis



Katie Miranda
B.S. - 2023 
Honors Thesis: Nest box-mounted PIT tag readers provide new insight on breeding behaviors of cavity-nesting waterfowl in Louisiana
Currently an M.S. student in the Ringelman lab at LSU.

Photo of Ashley Tunstall

Ashley Tunstall

B.S. - 2022

Research Project: Weather effects on invertebrate abundance in wetlands in the prairie pothole region

Currently working for Ducks Unlimited, Inc. in Memphis.

photo of Melanie Holton

Melanie Holton

B.S. - 2020

Currently an M.S. student at LSU

Photo of Emily Price

Emily Price

B.S. - 2019

Research project: Perceptions of entry-level hires in natural resources: a survey of employers and educators

Currently working as a freelance editor at The Present Page in Pennsylvania.

Photo of Clint Pace

Clint Pace

B.S. - 2018

Currently working as a Regional Director of fundraising for Ducks Unlimited in Arizona

Photo of Sydney Cottingham

Sydney Cottingham

B.S. (Honors) - 2018

Honors Thesis: Gastrointestinal Helminth Prevalence in Lesser Scaup (Aythya affinis) Wintering on Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, USA

Currently enrolled in veterinary school at the University of Florida.

Photo of Madelyn McFarlandMadelyn McFarland

B.S. - 2017

Currently working for Ducks Unlimited, Inc. in Illinois

Photo of McKenzie Brandon

McKenzie Brandon

B.S. (Honors) - 2016

Currently an Assistant City Attorney in Colorado (Environmental Law)

Honors Thesis: Effects of Timber Harvest on Avian Abundance and Diversity



Photo of Jacqueline Satter

Jacqueline Satter

B.S. - 2015

Currently a Ph.D. Student in Ecology at UC Davis