The Team

Zach Bonomo Iebu Devkota

Zach Bonomo | Graduate (Ph.D.) Research Assistant

Iebu Devkota | Graduate (Ph.D.) Research Assistant
Originally from Chicago, USA, Zach graduated in 2021 with a B.S. in Animal Science from Illinois State University before moving the the University of Missouri as a Senior Animal Technician in the lab of Dr. Thomas Spencer. Therafter Zach gained industry experience as a Clinical Research Biologist at Boehringer Ingelheim. As of August 2022, Zach is pursuing his Ph.D. around identifting the mechanisms governing mammalian uterine gland formation and behavior in health and disease.

Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, Iebu graduated in 2020 with a B.V.Sc. & A.H. in Veterinary Medicine from the Agriculture and Forestry University in Chitwan, Nepal. During this time she obtained numerous awards and presented her research at regional and international conferences. Thereafter Iebu practiced as a veterinarian at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Clinic. As of August 2022, Iebu is pursuing her Ph.D. around elucidating the mechanisms driving, sustaining, and inhibiting ungulate coneptus elongation.


Open Positions:

Part-Time Undergraduate Research Assistant Vacancy
The lab is seeking an ambitious Undergraduate Research Assistant interested in gaining laboratory and farm research experience. This is a paid internship with a flexible start date and duration - available to students from all related disciplines. The succesful applicant will work closely with Graduate Research Assistants Zach and Iebu, as well as the lab head Dr. Simintiras. Interested students are welcome to inquire and apply directly or apply via the LSU Discover Program. Individuals from any social, ethnic, racial, cultural, and national backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to get in touch.