PSYC 4032: The Psychology of Learning

An exploration of the fundamentals of learning, initially from a behaviorist perspective, before developing an outlook drawing upon tenents of cognitive theory. The class is taught every semester.

PSYC 4111: Intermediate Statistics

A deeper dive into the statistics you thought you knew. The course is aimed at developing a firm foundation in probability and statistical inference from a regression-centric perspective. Starting in Fall 2021, the course involves a skills lab which focuses on the R statistical programming language. The class is taught every Fall semester.

PSYC 7030: Neurocognitive Bases of Behavior

A graduate level lecture/seminar series that begins with fundamentals of the nervous system and methods of study before engaging with a survey of cognitive neuroscientific domains. The class is taught every Spring semester.

PSYC 7939 (Seminars)

Neurocognitive Representation

Stimuli are perceived via interaction with our nervous system. These outside forces trigger electrical and chemical reactions that evoke complex dynamics playing out over space and time in a phenominally complex network of billions of neuron. Thus, somehow, we perceive a coherent continuous experience. Thus, somehow, we infer, generalize, and make decisions about our environment. Thus, somehow, we are creative and witty and human. This seminar focuses readings that take aim and understanding how this all happens, leaning on Connectionist perspectives for orientation. The class is offered irregularly (but syllabus and readings are always available on request!).