Our Group has attended the 2019 AIChE conference!

dr bharti, jin and yushengFrom left to right: Yusheng Guo, Jin Lee and Dr. Bhuvnesh Bharti

The Bharti Research Group took part in the 2019 AIChE meeting which has taken place in Orlando, FL, from Nov. 20th to 14th. The group, represented by Dr. Bharti alongside Jin and Yusheng, contributed to a total of six oral presentations and one poster.

Dr. Bharti presented our projects of “Programming Pore Uptake and Demixing of Surfactant Solutions in Spatially Confined Pores” and “Magnetic Field Driven Assembly of Multicomponent Low-Symmetry Supraparticles”.

Jin presented his projects: “Encoding Biomimetic 3D Helical Motion in Active Particles Using Induced-Charge Electrophoresis”, “Adsorption of Lignin Nanoparticles at Oil-Water Interface: An Eco-friendly Approach to Oil Spill Cleanup”, and “Overwriting Coffee-Ring Effect with Magnetostatic Convection”. He also showcased a poster on the “Role of Electrostatic Interactions in Binding of Myoglobin on Silica Nanoparticles”.

Finally, Yusheng presented his work on the “Directed Printing and Reconfiguration of Thermoresponsive Silica-Pnipam Nanocomposites”.

We appreciate the efforts of the organizers in planning and managing this year’s conference.