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Cain Department of Chemical Engineering | Louisiana State University

Multiresponsive soft matter

All of the physical matter around us is composed of atomic/molecular building blocks. Controlling the assembly of these building block units holds the key for fabricating future metamaterials. Our research is focused on the directed assembly of matter at all length scales, i.e. from molecular to mesoscale. We are interested in the fundamentals of intermolecular and interparticle interactions, which govern the assembly of colloids in bulk and at interfaces. These interactions determine the equilibrium assembled state of the particles and hence dictate the physical properties of the supracolloidal structures. We develop new methods and strategies to control these interparticle interactions, and engineer responsive materials. We envision to establish new pathways for assembling active materials with broad range of application potential in food and cosmetics, crude oil treatment and extraction, and antibacterial coatings.

schematic of particle assemblyParticle assembly
schematic of ecofriendly nanomaterialsEco-friendly nanomaterials
schematic of bio-nano interactionsBio-nano interactions