Melvin Research Group

Research group seated on steps

The Melvin Research Group aims to develop new tools and technologies to quantify and characterize complex biological systems. We take an interdisciplinary approach combining elements chemical and biomedical engineering with chemical biology, biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, and cancer biology.

Current research areas include the development of peptide-based biosensors and nanoparticle biosensors coupled with designing and fabricating new microfluidic systems including droplet trapping array and cell trap arrays to perform high-throughput single cell analysis. Ongoing projects utilizing microfluidic device including (i) novel gradient generators to investigate the effects of simultaneous co-culture on the proliferation, signaling, and migration of cancer cells and phytoplankton, (ii) on-chip generation and interrogation of 3D spheroids, and (iii) 3D-printed molds to study algal migration and biofilm formation.

Open Positions

Open positions for graduate students and undergraduate students are currently available. Please contact Prof. Melvin if interested in joining the research group.