Fake "Proud Boy" Emails

 An image of a malicious figure attempting to steal, or "phish," personal data and information from a computer.

The FBI reported that Iran sent emails threatening Democratic voters in swing states like Florida and Alaska. These emails were designed to look like they were sent by the "Proud Boys," a far-right neo-fascist organization known for political violence and their support of President Donald Trump.

Election and intelligence officials investigated these emails and concluded that Iran had orchestrated the fake emails to prevent Trump's re-election and create distrust surrounding the election. The emails threatened voters, instructing them to change their party registration and vote for Trump on election day.

Officials don't believe Iran hacked any voter databases, instead using publicly-available voter registration information like names, party registration, and some contact information. These emails are believed to be a perception hack - "efforts to use a mix of easily accessible data to create the impression among voters that foreign powers are actually inside voting infrastructure."

These emails attempt to sow confusion and create chaos by scaring voters and undermining confidence in the election. The FBI and CISA report that there is no indication that votes have been altered, but that the perception of foreign powers inside the voting infrastructure "could shake confidence in the integrity of the vote." This hack intends to "prey on existing fears that election infrastructure will be subverted and hacked, as well as fears of voter intimidation."

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//Written by Grayce Mores